Toriko Vídeo Episódio 72 Sub English

The anime adaptation of Toriko, directed by Akifumi Zako and animated by Toei Animation, started broadcasting on Fuji Television. A cross-over special between Toriko and One Piece, counting as Episode 72 of Toriko, and Episode 492 of One Piece.

A second cross-over episode aired on April 8th, 2012. and Download Toriko Episode 72 anime online Download Toriko 67, Anime Toriko, Pictures Toriko, Video Toriko Explosion of Combination Techniques!

Overflowing Food Luck! Gourmet Shrine Pilgrimage! あふれる食運! 巡礼グルメ神社! Afureru Shoku Un! Junrei Gurume Jinja! September 9, 2012

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